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Everglades Nature Tours
Miami diamond (305) 878-3392
Explore the vast, unspoiled Big Cypress Preserve. Experienced guides provide varied tours: Swamp Buggy, Airboat, Paddling, Walking, Hunting and Fishing. Enjoy an unforgettable adventure into the Florida Everglades.

You will learn the history of the Everglades, experience the ecosystem with its spectrum of trees, flowers, animals, birds and reptiles. Professional Gladesmen have over 20 years in the Everglades, several over 35 years, and one over 50 years.

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Customized One-on-One Tours of the " River of Grass ".


     (305) 878-3392

Airboat tours depart from Miami (map below). Walking and swamp buggy tours from 
52105 Tamiami Trail E. Ochopee.

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