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Crystal River Native American Mounds

A ceremonial pre-Columbian mound complex
is one of longest, continually occupied sites
 in Florida. Two ceremonial stones are
considered to be the most enigmatic
features of the site.

mounds mounds

The earliest occupants belonged to the
Deptford culture, 500 B.C to about 300 A.D.
They lived at with a simple social social
level, with no apparent chiefdoms. The
Weedon Island culture occupied the site from 
300 A.D until about 900 A. D. and were
noted for an increase in ceremonialism.
The Safety Harbor culture followed
next from 900 A.D. to 1400 A.D.


Comprised of six mounds on the
north shore of spring-fed Crystal
River, the location was occupied
by three unique cultures of
native Americans.

A 1/2 mile walking tour leads from
the visitor center to the mounds.
Exhibits of pottery, projectile points,
and artifacts are inside the visitor
center with picnic area.

(352) 795-3817

3400 Museum Point Dr.
Crystal River, Florida

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