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Central Florida Nature Adventures

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Choose from these guided Kayak Adventures
in central Florida to experience nature close
up in a relaxed, non invasive way. Scroll 
 down to view a variety of tours.

wekiva river

Wekiva River (above)
Three springs pour into this pristine
 river. The Great Egret, American Bittern, 
Woodpeckers, Great Blue Heron, as well
as many other Herons and waterfowl flourish
 on this river. The Ivory-billed Woodpecker
at one time called this home. These shallow 
waters create a fantastic environment for
many different species of plants, fish and
other wildlife.Level of Difficulty: 
No Experience 

   ken 5
Winter Manat
ee Tour(November-March only)

Winter in Florida is a magical time. The
Manatee comes inland to bask in 72
degree waters of Florida's beautiful
springs. If you have never experienced
this gentle sea cow, now is the time.
This is a 2-3 hour tour. Level of difficulty:
No Experience Necessary

cen rock springs

Rock Springs Run (above)
The river meanders through enchanted
forests as well as wide open savannas.
The water is crystal clear and home to many
types of fish and wading birds. You'll also
have a chance to see raccoon, bobcat,
turtles etc. There are many places to stop
and relax or if you choose to, go for a swim.
  It is a great 2-3 hour trip. Level of Difficulty:
        Previous Experience Necessary 

emerald cut

Extreme Emerald Cut (above)
Experience some of central Florida's fastest
water. Revel in the excitement as the river
shoots you through a narrow cut. See wildlife
on the 2-3 hour and 4-5 hour tour. The longer
 tour passes several old Florida Cracker houses.
Level of Difficulty: Previous Experience Necessary

blackwater lake

Extreme Blackwater Lake (above)
Paddle through an enchanted forest to a beautiful
lake rimmed with Cypress trees that are hundreds
of years old. These weathered trees tell many 
stories about the history of the land. Blackwater
Lake is a 2-3 Hour treat within 1 hour of Orlando.
 Level of Difficulty: Previous Experience Necessary

st. johns blue

St. Johns River/Blue Springs (above)
As one of the few rivers that flows north the St.
Johns has several springs and tributaries that 
create estuaries for a variety of fish. It's like
being in an aquarium as you paddle the clear
waters of Blue Springs where a medley of
species thrive: Anhingas, Alligators, Wood
Storks,Egrets, and Bald Eagles. Enjoy a 
relaxing 2-3 or 4-5 hour tour. Level of
Difficulty: No Experience Necessary


Your Guide Will Provide:
A cooler with ice to store your
 lunch and beverages, a first
 aid kit, drinking water, kayaks,
 paddles, PDF (life jackets)
narration and education of
Florida's diverse flora and
fauna, some peace & quiet
on the w
ater and 
a great time!

ken 1

To prepare for yo
ur excursion, 
     here is a quick checklist of
items to bring:
    1. Your lunch (depending upon  
        trip time and duration)
    2. Non-alcoholic beverages
    3. Sun block
    4. Proper water attire & a 
        change of clothes 
    5. Water shoes (old sneakers 
         will do just fine)
    6. Sun glasse

 It's always good to dress in layers.
That is a great w
ay to maximize 
comfort. During the warm months
bring an extra set of clothes and
a towel if you decide to cool off
in the water. 

photo photo

Photographers Tour
For the serious photographer to
access some of the most pristine
waterways early in the morning
 or late in the evening when photo
taking is at it's best. So, for the
photographer who wants to hire
a guide for the day there's a
package that includes being
introduced to the wildlife and
waters in a tandem kayak.
You paddle very little, let the
guide take you to the wildlife
and take photographs.
Half day or Full day 

ken 3

Silver River (above)
Exceptionally scenic! Some
twists and turns of this river
can reach depths of 25' and is
so clear that you can see the
bottom. You will hone your
paddling skills going upstream
 but a first magnitude spring
 makes the trip back a breeze.
 You'll have a chance to view
 a bounty of wildlife: wading
 birds, hawks, owls, raccons,
 wild pigs and more. Level of
Difficulty: Must be in good shape
or you will be when you're done. 
Central Florida Nature

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