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Lions, Tigers and Bears

Arcadia---Ph. (863) 494-0054

    Exotic Animal Refuge

This non-profit refuge is found on 40 acres
of oak habitat and pastured land in the
countryside north of Arcadia.

  leapard  bear scene tiger

The mission of the refuge is to provide
homes for exotic animals and endangered
species and to educate the public about
the animals and their environment.

   panther bear otha

Thursday-Sunday 10AM - 1PM

Summer Hours: July & August by Appointment

Call for Directions

(863) 494-0054 

Website: Click Here


You'll get close views of
a lion, tigers, leopard, lynx,
wolf, bear and other species.


Educational Tours

The refuge is also a rehab
facility for injured native
. You can help by
adopting and supporting one
of the animals for a year
and recieve a certificate.

Safari Dinners by Appointment
Call for Details