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Redland Tropical Cornucopia Tours

Homestead/Miami     diamond_spacer     (305) 247-2016

 Pilot Project of Redland Tropical Gardens
A not-for-profit 501(c)3 foundation

The fertile lands west of Miami, bordering the
Everglades offer a bounty of natural wonders.
A variety of tours are made possible to discover
the many secrets of this area, the most
 tropical in all the continental United States.
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 Learn about Nature, Indians,
     Visionaries and Pirates


Full day and Half Day Tours are available
aboard a comfortable air-conditioned
motor coach. Full Day tours include box
lunch and interpretive guide.


    Select from a Range of Excursions

        1.  Introductory Tour
        2. Tropical Coral Reef Tour 
        3. Tropical Everglades Tour 
        4. Tropical Edible Tour
             Travel to a Winery to sample
             Wine made from local citrus
             and to Fruit and Spice Park
             to taste the fruit varieties.
        5. Tropical Blooms Tour 


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 Call to reserve and get pick-up locations.

(305) 247-2016