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Kool Beanz Cafe
Tallahassee diamond (850) 224-2466
Deliciously offbeat defines Kool Beanz. With creative gourmet food, dark pastels and modern art, it's an ideal dining alternative in the state capital.

Diners make their selections from an ever-evolving menu of "Modern American Cuisine". Items include a range of fresh seafood items, pastas, meats and wild game.

An enthusastic staff serves
 tantalizing Entrées: Cuban-spiced Pork Chops with mango habanerosalsa; Linguine, tasso ham, mushrooms, craw fish, roasted garlic cream sauce; Tuscan Style Lamb; and Sake-teriaki glazed
salmon with sesame roasted asparagus, sambal
chutney and
wasabi mashed potatoes.

(850) 224- 2466

921 Thomasville Rd.
Tallahassee, Florida 32303
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Owner and Executive Chef Keith Baxter (below) draws from a diverse background. He has lived in several countries, resulting in an unusual blend of ethnic and seasonal influences.


 include Smoky Corn-Crab
Cakes, with cilantro-lime sauce and flavorful Jerk Pork-mango Quesadillas. "Greens & Stuff" includes a variety of unusual salad offerings.
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