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Kayak Amelia

Amelia Island     diamond_spacer      (904) 251-0016

 Your "human powered adventure" explores
the pristine inland waters in and around
Amelia and Talbot Islands. Seasoned guides
provide amazing insights into this delicate
eco-system of shellfish, migratory birds
and other natural wonders.

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  For easy paddling, guided trips are determined by
 the tide and current of that day. Trips include
about 30 minutes of prep with a stop for a
break midway. Kayak Amelia uses only sit-
inside craft for maximum comfort,
but you will never feel trapped.

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Email: Click Here

 13030 Heckscher Drive

 Jacksonville FL 32226
See Map Below


   - Marsh Paddle: through 
     Spatina Marsh, the most
     productive ecosystem on
     the planet.

   - Bar Hopping: Low tide trek
     through a shallow cove where
     it's common to see many
     migratory birds feeding.

    -Kingsley Plantation: Navigate
     the Fort George River to gain
     a keen historical perspective
     into plantation life of the
     old south.

   - Special Kayak Trips including:
     Moonlight Paddle
     Yoga Paddle,
     Sunset Paddle
     Park Ranger
     Paddle on Sunday mornings.

(888) 30-KAYAK

(904) 251-0016


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